What's in a name.....

What inspires boat owners to arrive at names for their boats ?  Browse some of the boat names here in Spooners Creek or of  those passing through on their way to waters beyond the creek.   

What thoughts bring light to the naming of that special part of the owner's life, their boat.


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Needs no explanation does it !

Once named Hooter after our pet dog, we shortened it to Hoot when people thought we owned the business.

Named after the book, "Wind Of The Carolinas" A boat known only for it's happy times.

"Atlantis" We wanted a romantically mythical name yet not a typical boating name.

"Batchelor Party" Owner's last name is Batchelor and he is having a good time.

"Ber-Nan" Bernie and Nancy, captain and mate for life

"Carolina Flare" Named for the Carolina bow flare design

"Cheers" Previously owned and named, is it bad luck to change names ?

"Dixie Darling" Named for a southern belle we won't mention.

"Double 07" 7th boat in the series built by the builder with hull number JC0007.

"Double Luv" Owner has twin girls followed by LUV the Southwest Airlines stock symbol.

"Fishtales" Captain said they weren't catching any so they had to come up with some "fish tales".

"Freedom" Doctor must be away from the office ???

"Grands" Wanted to name her after the grandchildren without showing favoritism. So he named it for them all.

"Lady Ann" Ann the owner's wife is really a sweet lady.

"Lakshmi" An old Indian name that means prosperity, beauty and health.

"Lindamar" Linda and Martin, captain and mate

"Little Baby"

"Luisa II" Sistership for Luisa

"Maturity Rules" When asked "why?" Grandma replied, cause maturity rules.

"My Girl" Once had a name at the end, but she went and so did the name.

"Partnership" A friend said buying this boat is like going into another partnership, so Partnership it is.

"Piccolo" Named for the finely tuned musical instrument and so easily understood on the radio.

"Pig Rig" In the hog farming business it seemed the only logical name. That's a lot of pork chops.

"Piracy" Husband and wife alumni of ECU Pirates had to give some credit to their old school days.

"Ricochet" It's a good radio understood name and I ricochet from fishing hole to fighing hole like a rock across smooth water.

"Salt Shaker" When we sea trialed this boat the wind was blowing pretty good with lots of salt spray, thus Salt Shaker came to be.

"Sea Whisperer" An uber-cool name for a boat that simultaneously give deference to Posiedon, ruler of the seas, combined with the popular TV series