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Management Services -- Janie Figueroa

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 Association Information Page

This page contains links to,  as well as,  information about the HOA's, past meetings and upcoming agendas along with date and times for future meetings.  There may also be some general information or news about things taking place at The Shores.   Should you have any issues, concerns or questions for the Board, Management or Staff please use the email link included in this page to make contact with us.  If you have suggestions for information to be put on this page, please contact Terry.


List of Owners

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Permitted list now available, contact NOLA for list.




Master Association

Condo Association

Marina Association


Slip Rental Agreement

Slip Rental Agreement

(New Revision)



Phone Numbers

Nola   (office manager) ..............252 726-2060       

Terry  (on-site manager)............252 241-0770



Janie Figueroa  (Management)........  252 637-5600

Jay Cherry   (Marina Board)............252 521-5950

Jim Huckabee   (Master Board).......910 864-6948

John Sherman  (Condo Board) ......   804 382-5109





Please help us keep track of who is in your slip or condo.   If you rent out your slip or your condo on your own or by assistance from a Professional Service (real estate agent), please make sure we have up to date emergency contact information for the boat owner, the responsible person (captain) or the condo tenant.


Make sure your renter has a copy of the RULES AND REGULATIONS for Shores and Spooners Creek Marina.  Check with Shawn or Terry for an updated list.  The Boards have made several changes of importance recently and are presently revising the existing rules. 


Scheduled Board Meetings 2017

2nd Quarter..........     Sunday, April 23, 2017

3rd Quarter..........     Sunday, July 16, 2017

4th Quarter..........     Sunday, October 15, 2017



HOA Board of Directors

( January 2017 )


                 Master Association                                            Condo Association                                       Marina Association                  

                  Jim Huckabee -   President                                   Chuck Ledford- President                           Jay Cherry-  President

                  Freddie Stancil-   V. President                              Jay Cherry-  V. President                             Dan Myers-  V. President

                  Kirk Dickie -   V. President                                   Bruce Feldstein-  V. President                     Ed Robbins-  V. President

                  Richard Wilkins                                                    Kevin Lynn                                                  Hamilton Sloan-  V. President

                  Claudia Beamon - Secretary/Treasurer                   John Sherman Jr. -  Secretary/Treasurer       Billy Page-  Secretary/Treasurer



           Board Appointed Committees  


                                           Architectural Committee                                                       Condo Construction Committee

                                            Jay Cherry                                                                              Dan Myers

                                            Curtis Struyk                                                                           Jay Cherry

                                            Freddie Stancil                                                                        Chuck Ledford


            Current Board Policies (with new revisions)

(effective April 15, 2013)

                                                                                                                                                       Garage Level Parking Permit 


                     Rules and Regulations All HOA's


                   Spooners Creek Marina Severe Weather Plan    


                 Condo Parking & Property Storage Policy  


                Hurricane Preparation List for Condo